About Robin Toler


Artist Statement

Toler believes art is sacred, its language universal, and its effectiveness to heal unquestionable. Art channels spiritual conflicts, relational yearnings and provides opportunities for humans to communicate at all levels of self and community. Artistic expression pushes us past race, gender, politics, religion, and sexuality.

Art sustains us--our emotions, sensations, perceptions and intuitions. It carries us, brings us forward, and unpacks our tensions and conflicts. Art provides a practical drift toward our desires and passions. Art stretches us from the monotony and comfort of common polarities to a more stimulating multidimensional existence. Art tests us as adults to go beyond what we were told as children—to blindly obey—maturing our intellectual and spiritual spaces beyond proscribed cultural rules.

Art teaches us to follow our heart.  It blends life’s hard cruelty with tender human renewal. Art breaks us open and drags us to the edge of our collective vulnerabilities. As humans we have access to art. Art is a gift and through accessing art we are able to transcend personal pain and suffering. Art helps us find our authentic visual voice. It clears a path for us to find our reason to live and to seek out life’s meaning.

Toler believes art can challenge us to question our values, to listen for our priorities, and to provide for meaningful rituals and traditions. Art, whether personal or collective, is our foundation for living; our inspiration to pray and our food for sustenance.


Robin Toler is a Louisiana based artist. She is an art therapist, addictions counselor and Advanced Integrative Therapy practitioner. Toler has a home-studio-office near Louisiana State University where she maintains a private therapy practice and she teaches art. In 2012, Toler completed a self-help-with-art-exercises-book titled, Get Real: From Storytelling to Authenticity. As a mental health professional Toler’s expertise includes women’s mental health, trauma resolution, art therapy, addictions counseling, and pain management. Toler’s therapy practice is based on feminist principles; equity and human rights.

Toler received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she minored in art, studying under John Geldersma. She obtained a Master of Art Therapy degree from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Toler has studied Women and Gender Studies at Louisiana State University. Toler has studied under famous artists including Morgan Samuel Price and Michael del Priore. As a professional practicing artist, Toler has shown her work in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia. Toler travels giving lectures and workshops on a variety of topics including racism, sexism, poverty and LGBTQ. Toler is a board-certified art therapist, licensed addictions counselor, and certified as an Advanced Integrative Therapist. Toler serves as a board member for Iris, Domestic Violence Center and the Greater Baton Rouge Jung Society. Toler works as a volunteer with STAR (Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response team) and she works with the Social Justice Committee through the Unitarian Universalist Church of Baton Rouge. Toler can be reached by appointment at her home-office-studio at 717 Aster Street; Baton Rouge, LA 70802. For art therapy, addictions counseling, advanced integrative therapy and pain management go to www.robintoler.com and for gallery information and art lessons go to www.robintolerartstudio.com. Her phone numbers are 225.344.1572 and 225.505.3124. 

Professional Affiliations

  • Louisiana Art and Artists' Guild, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Baton Rouge Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Louisiana State University Women’s Center, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Greater Baton Rouge Jung Society, Baton Rouge, LA
  • WomonWriters; Jacksonville, GA
  • The Women’s Herstory Project, Duke University, Durham, NC
  • The Red Shoes, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Louisiana State University, Women and Gender Studies, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Iris, Domestic Violence Resource Center formerly known as Capital Area Family Violence Intervention Center, Baton Rouge, LA
  • STAR, Sexual Trauma Assault and Recovery, Baton Rouge, LA
  • The American Art Therapy Association
  • The Louisiana Art Therapy Association
  • Circa 1857 Architectural Designs, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Word Junkies, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Lafayette Fairy Tale Club, Lafayette, LA
  • Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Baton Rouge, LA