Sold Artwork

These beautiful and inspirational original works of art have been sold and are now housed in a wide array of places from San Francisco to Boston. In this “sold” collection there is great diversity of style, theme, color, shape, composition and design. Several of these works were commissioned and others were designated for a particular show or art exhibit. These works are stimulating, thought provoking and conversation pieces. Collectors have placed Toler art in their homes, offices and in one case a sailboat. Toler artwork collectors consist of a wildly interesting group of individuals from different countries.      

Over the last thirty years, Toler has experienced tremendous gratitude for all those who have supported her career as an artist. Whether gift or investment, many collectors are generous with their compliments and express deep appreciation for the work. Collectors often write notes and letters to express their gratitude in obtaining a work of Toler art, sometimes years after the purchase. In Toler fashion, the art purchased has an artistic effect on the collector-- often bringing out the collector’s individual creativity, imagination and expansiveness. In reviewing this collection, it is easy to see how others have fallen in love with Robin Toler art.