“Robin uses bold colors, that vibrate together to achieve an incredible effect allowing for vivid illumination and personal discovery.”

Dr. Michael Campanelli, Perth, Australia


"Robin's work engages the psyche and takes the soul on a magic carpet ride."

Pam Dupont, Houma, LA


She presents us with pieces of her soul on canvas and one cannot look at her works without feeling emotions bursting forth. She paints and draws emotion rather than photographic images. It's like seeing poetry on canvas. Well done Robin ...

Terri Boyd, Baton Rouge, LA


“Robin’s work has multicultural appeal, exhibits diversity and is simply fabulous.”

T. Kiser, Washington, D.C.


“I can’t tell if she is going to be the next Picasso, or the next Matisse. I have purchased several pieces. I really enjoy looking at my beautiful investments.”

Glenn Weinreb, Cambridge, MA


“Robin’s work is innovative, visible and captivating. She is a real artist. It shows in everything she does.”

Beryl Wight, Memphis, TN


“Her work is innovative and interesting. Her color patterns document significant aspects of the individuation process.”

Madge McEcharn, Lafayette, LA


“Robin is an amazing artist.  Her sensibility and heart really show through in her work.  I have one of Robin’s landscapes hanging over my bed;  looking at the beauty of it makes a wonderful beginning and ending of each day.  Robin is a rare talent, and anyone purchasing her work will have something that continually warms the soul.”

Wendy Gaines, Houston, TX


Robin uses a variety of art media to produce a certain mood that is intriguing and mesmerizing. She is really good.

N. Meagher, Baton Rouge, LA